Your one stop shop for airboat Repair

An airboat is a fine-tuned machine, capable of taking you further faster into remote terrain than any other vessel. With their ability to traverse a wide variety of surfaces, from water to mud to tree-choked backwater, across levees and oyster reefs and over sand bars, it’s no surprise that they take some serious punishment. Keep them running at top form with Mark’s Airboats repair and maintenance service. Our team of mechanics and fabricators can handle everything from changing oil to changing engines, straightening and welding damaged hulls, patching and replacing polymer, diagnosing engine and drive issues, replacing propeller blades and anything else that may come your way. Looking for an upgrade? We’ve got what it takes to take your vessel to the next level. Whether you use your boat for business or pleasure, Mark’s Airboats has the crew, the knowledge, the equipment and the parts to keep you running all year long. Your airboat is not only your way into the swamps and marshes that make up your home and livelihood – it’s also your way back. Give us a call to schedule a repair. We’ll get you back on the water and in the marsh in no time.

Airboat Engine Repair

Our trained mechanics have decades of experience with engine trouble shooting, as well as specific training in the unique requirements of airboat engines. Our team uses a variety of methods for engine trouble-shooting, from traditional running and listening, compression checks and visual inspection to modern computer analysis and exhaust gas monitoring, there’s no system we can’t handle, from the simplest of carburetors to the most complicated of electronic fuel injection. Bring your boat in today and let our mechanics get you back on the water and running right.

Damaged Hull Repair

When you find yourself in a tight spot, your hull is usually the first to know. Let us get it back in shape and running like new. Whether you’ve slid into a tree stump or ran over a hidden chunk of concrete on your way up the bank, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to fix it. Whether it’s tapping out dents with rubber mallets or pushing out the structure using hydraulic rams, our team has what it takes. Cracked a few welds along the way? No problem. We’ll get it right and get you going again. Older hulls will start to weaken, losing their shape and flexing as you run the ground. As the hull flexes and conforms to the surface, running becomes harder, pushing your engine and your patience. Let our hull straightening jig and trained staff put the shape back in. Adding a heavy-duty cross brace can add years to the life of your hull. Call us today or stop by the shop and let us get you going again.

Polymer Repair

UHMW, polymer, teflon, plastic. Call it what you like. You need it. And when it’s worn, scratched or scuffed, you feel it. Your boat seems slow to get on plane, sluggish in the marsh and down-right difficult on dry ground. And when it’s torn, the results are even worse. Handling becomes unpredictable and can become dangerous. If torn or cut polymer isn’t repaired or replaced, partial or complete separation can occur, causing your boat to pitch suddenly in one direction or another. If you think yours needs attention, bring it by. We’ll be happy to climb under and take a look. Whether you need a few rivets to hold a small tear, a patch to fix a missing chunk, or a complete replacement, our dedicated staff and installation room are ready to serve you, giving you a safer, more controlled driving experience and the peace of mind that comes along with it.