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Your crew is only as strong as their equipment.
For over 25 years, Mark’s Airboats has been setting the standard in commercial use. We don’t just build them tough. We make them safer, easier to handle and more convenient to work from. Our hull construction allows tighter turning through its domed bottom shape, a shape built into the boat from stage one. All stringers are carefully rolled and shaped before they’re welded to the hull bottom. Our custom-built hull jig keeps that shape throughout the build. Doublers and gussets are used in high-stress areas. Our pre-rolled cross brace is bolted in place to eliminate cracking. Engine stand stringers are 3/8 thick for added strength and durability where it’s needed most. Our engine stands are built narrower and stronger, reducing flex during hard running or impact and adding to the usable floor space of the hull. Our propeller guards come standard with thick-wall pipe for the main hoops and rudder bars. Expanded metal lines the sides of the guards to protect the propeller when you’re in a tight spot. The lower portion of the propeller guard is swept back adding further to the usable floor space. Easy-access doors are standard as well, allowing faster, more frequent inspection and maintenance, minimizing expensive downtime. Seating and deck space can be customized to accommodate any needs, whether you’re carrying crews in and out of the marsh, escorting inspectors or hauling equipment or fuel. We carefully test every component we use in our build to ensure the highest level of durability and reliability. And each boat is tested by Mark before you take delivery to make sure that it meets his exacting standards, the standards you expect and require. Because keeping your clients happy is how we satisfy ours.


  • Superior Quality
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Over 35 Year of Experience
  • Extreme Durability
  • Commercial-Grade Support

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We have compiled an owner’s manual that includes operating instructions, safety tips, maintenance schedules and much more. This is a great resource for anyone who owns an airboat. This guide is only a reference, so please consult with your boat’s manufacturer and never attempt anything unsafe. Enjoy! Download Owner’s Manual